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Research & Development:

One of the basic strengths of our Company is our extensive Research and Development (R&D)team. Our Company conducts research in all regions where it is active (Tripura, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya etc) to discover new products or develop more efficient ways of producing existing products. Our R&D personnel are responsible for improving fruit varieties, conducting taste-panels, and monitoring the use of agrochemicals in the growing process.

Food Science:

Food Science plays a very important role at our Company. Aspects of the fruit industry are highly technical, and our Fresh and Processed Fruit Produce activities cover virtually every aspect of the industry.

We have in house Food Technologists and Agro staff with competency and experience in technical areas that include: research, agronomy, process technology, packaging, quality control, food safety, and crop protection.
Pineapple Food Technology

At Pineapple India, all decisions in all key areas of our business are based on scientific facts to make sure that we are providing our customer with reliable and quality products.

Food Safety:

We have corporate operating unit teams focused on the safety of our products. Food safety is assured by monitoring the product from the farm to the factory and then to the market with the use of tools such as: quality system manuals; self-auditing programs; Web-enabled handheld computer systems used by field personnel for audits, critical control point, continuous monitoring of finished product with a third party micro program and training programs for quality managers.

Food safety research is carried out in our corporate R&D lab in the production units of the North East.Our research projects include validating requirements for longer shelf life, sensory evaluation of current and future varieties, and evaluation of new and emerging biocides for washing and sanitizing products and process lines.

Integrated with our packaging and operation units, our Food Safety management systems provide detailed records and controls to deter bio terrorism threats and to ensure traceability for all of our products.

Quality Assurance:

The quality assurance (QA) function has far reaching responsibilities in keeping the Company emphasis on consistently providing superior quality products. QA inspections are conducted at source and destination markets in order to monitor product quality for sales and for feedback to production/shipping. A key responsibility of the corporate QA department is to insure that consistent standards of evaluation are applied at all sources and markets. This is acomplished with the help of the technical team through the development of QA manuals, training, and periodic exchange visits and Quality tests.

Our Quality assurance managers are trained in food technology principles and they work closely with corporate food safety to ensure that our products comply to the Global-International food Standards.

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