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Pineapple festival in Churachandpur, Manipur – 29th August 2008

The first of its kind in Churachandpur district — the largest producer of pineapple in Manipur — the festival will be organised by a group of pineapple farmers with support from the district administration. It will include cultural programmers, beauty pageant and a soiree.

“This is the first ever pineapple festival in the district and we hope to attract several buyers from other parts of the state,” the secretary of the organizing committee, Gin Gangte, told the media today. With 300 pineapple farmers and more than 1,000 acres of cultivable land, Churachandpur produces 70,000 pineapples every season.

“The festival aims at providing the farmers a platform to discuss issues like marketing and promote pineapple cultivation,” Gangte said. Though the farmers had a good harvest, marketing the produce was a problem. The main markets are in Imphal city, Moirang in Bishnupur district and the district headquarters of Churachandpur.
Pineapple Festivals

“We have many success stories; come and listen to them during the festival,” Gangte said. Till today, at least 50 cultivators have registered their participation and the organizers are expecting more to follow suit.

“We expect the event to be a grand success,” Gangte said. The government is yet to respond to the Churachandpur farmers’ demand that pineapple be made the state fruit. Pineapple cultivation started in the district in 1947 when Songpu Gangte, a local resident, planted 40 saplings he had brought with him.

Pineapple festival at Andro, Imphal – 21st July 2008

India celebrated its First ever Pineapple Festival on 21st July 2008 at Andro in Imphal East district where above one lakh of the spiky but juicy fruit had been reportedly produced. The First Manipur Pineapple Fair cum Youth Festival was organised with the effort of Andro Kendra Development Committee was held at Thambalnu Market of Andro region.

Imphal east is the largest producer of pineapples among all the districts of the state .Growing pineapples is a big means of income for the people of Ngarian, Andro and its surrounding areas. Encouraging the horticulturists and facilitating market for their products was the main objective of the festival.

The agrarian community of the area has been cultivating pineapple as a major source of income for last six decades .A local resident Khamzathang, Second World War soldier and the chief of Bunglon village says, “The cultivation of pineapple in Manipur was first started by Pu Songpu Gangte at Khousabung area in Churachandpur district, incidentally in the year India won her independence in 1947.”

As per a survey conducted by NNN, the Kew variety of pineapple is predominantly found in Churachandpur district, particularly within the jurisdiction of Khousabung DCC, including Khousabung, Bunglon, Ningthiching, New Ningthiching, Harmontlang, Muolhoih, S Nabil, Songdo and Phunchongjang villages. In this compact area, over 700 acres of land sweep pineapple cultivation, commanding over 70 lakh tons production of pineapples. The Kew variety of pineapple is found in almost the whole of Manipur. The Kew variety of pineapple is harvested from July till September. On the other hand, the Queen variety of pineapple is mostly found in Thoubal district.

Pineapple Festival organised consisted of a Pineapple fruit show, Pineapple musical concert for peace, and a Pineapple Queen contest. Besides, the festival also featured open market as well as free eating joints. This festival has acted as a new chapter in the annals of pineapple cultivation in Manipur.


Pineapple Festival was started in 1988 in the Bahamas and in the year 2008 they celebrated their 20th annual festival.

The purpose for establishing the Pineapple Festival was to honor the many pineapple farmers for their outstanding contributions to the community. Secondly, to bring together farmers and visitors from all walks of life to enjoy and participate in pineapple events such as a pineapple eating contest, pineapple cooking contest, old-time pineapple crazy sports, 40-mile pineapple cycling classic, plaiting of the pineapple pole, Little Miss Pineapple Pageant, a Junkanoo parade, craft displays, dancing, and a non-stop pineapple party time.

Pineapple Festivals are celebrated in all the major Pineapple producing countries around the globe. On July 4, 2008 Lanai City held its 16th Annual Pineapple Festival. The festival celebrated and commemorated Lanai’s pineapple plantation and ranch history. Similarly the Maui Pineapple festival is celebrated every year in September.

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