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Meghalaya literally means "Abode (alaya) of the Clouds (megha)". The name describes the climatic phenomenon that brings torrents of rain in this region. Meghalaya is a region of great scenic beauty: a panorama of lush, undulating hills, fertile valleys, waterfalls, sparkling mountain streams and lakes. Tucked away in the hills of eastern sub-Himalayas Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states in the country.
Floriculture is one of the blooming industries in Meghalaya. The Smell of Meghalaya Roses wafted through Japan, Middle East and Europe. The picture postcard pretty state of Meghalaya, also known as the abode of clouds and the Scotland of the East, is turning out to be one of India's biggest exporters of Roses, the queen of flowers. Currently, Meghalaya grows more than two million roses annually. Anthuriums form another major flower found in Meghalaya after Orchids along with Lilies, Marigold and Chrysanthemum.

The state is a horticultural State and produces substantial quantities of Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Guava, Litchi, Banana, Jack Fruits and Temperate fruits such as Plum, Pear, and Peach etc. The
Meghalaya Pineapple
mandarin orange grown in Meghalaya is considered to be of very high quality. Mushroom, Potato, Ginger, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Arecanut, Tezpatta, Betelvine, Short-staple cotton, Jute, Mesta, Mustard and Rapseed etc. are some of the important cash crops in the State. Lying in the cradle of the tall pine conifers and pineapple shrubs Meghalaya is the hub for Pineapples.

Meghalaya is an agricultural State known for its Organic Farming. Being rich in Pineapple one can find many food processing industries operating successfully in this state.

Pineapple variety found in this part of North East is the Kew variety. Kew variety is a late-maturing pineapple variety and is the leading commercial variety in India. It is valued particularly for it's canning quality. Fruit weighs 2-3kg, and is oblong in shape, slightly tapering towards the crown. Eyes are broad and shallow making fruits more suitable for canning. The fruit is yellow when fully ripe and flesh is light yellow, almost fibreless, and very juicy with 0.6-1.2% acid, and its TSS content varies from 12-16 Brix.

India is ranked fifth with a share of 8.2 % of the total production of pineapples in the world with the major part of the crop coming from the North eastern states of India.

Cashew nut is another agricultural crop that is extensively grown in West and South Garo Hills of Meghalaya. However the bulk of the produce is sold outside the State as raw products. Areca nut plantations can also be seen all over the state.

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