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Nagaland, known as the land of Agriculture is a land of folklore .Here, music is an integral part of life; folk songs eulogizing ancestors, the brave deeds of warriors and traditional heroes; poetic love songs immortalizing ancient tragic love stories; Gospel songs that touch your soul (should you have a religious bend of mind) or the modern tunes rendered exquisitely to set your feet a-tapping.

Nagaland is situated in a Strategic Location with a potential to development into an International Trade Centre in the East has conducive agro-climatic conditions .This state is rich in different types of fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and cereal crop as rice, millet, maize and pulses along with Cash crops like sugarcane and potato .Coffee, cardamom and tea are grown as plantation crops in Nagaland. Different Oil seeds also form an important crop including Rapeseed, mustard etc. Vegetable crops include melon, cucumbers, spinach leaf, mustard, onion, carrots, tomatoes, brinjal etc. Nagaland is rich in production of Spices as Ginger, Turmeric and Chilies.

The altitude of the state vary from 100 meters to an altitude of 3,840 meters in the interior of the state which is favorable for growing different varieties of tropical and sub-tropical fruits as Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, Passion fruit, Jackfruit, Grapes, Orange, etc.
Nagaland Pineapple,India

Agro-Climatic conditions of the State are very much suitable for cultivation of Pineapple in large scale, Pineapple Fruit from this district is said to be among the Best in the World as they are very sweet with very little or no fiber.

In 1916, Welsh Presbyterian evangelist Rev. Watkin Roberts, who led a band of 15 Hmar families from Tripura to settle in the Hmarkhawlien area in Assam’s Cachar district, had taught the people to cultivate pineapples in this hilltop settlement. The Hmarkhawlien pineapples are reckoned to be the sweetest among all pineapple varieties in India as during the monsoon period their sugar content varies between 16 and 28 per cent.

Three varieties of pineapple are generally grown in the tribal farms of Nagaland. These are Queen, Kew and Giant. The Kew variety (locally known as Gaimpew) is grown in abundance thus acting as an abundant raw material resource for the Food Processing Industries.

Nagaland is also famous worldwide for its Hot Spices. The Naga king chili known as Naga Jolokia sometimes called Bhut Jolokia,Ghost Chili, Ghost Pepper or Naga Morich is the World's Hottest Chili known to man. It is twice as hot as the old champ, the Mexican Red Savina Habanero.

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